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what a gorgeous photo! i wish i had advice on how to get it all done, but i'm right there with you. working part time, trying to cram in other projects, not getting much of anything done....argh. on the plus side - linc is adorable! :)


What a beautiful picture! Yeah I feel like you do, havent done anything for myself in quite a while. Daycare - work - dinner - bed sometimes I feel so generally overwhelmed by such little things too. How in the world do you get him to bed by 7:00??? ;) Hang in there, chug along, we're doing it and getting better at it everyday. 10 months went pretty fast huh?


I have to say, it's always a comfort to read your entries. They make me want to yell, "YES! I'm not the only one!" You never knew me before the "mom physique" took hold, but I used to work out 5x a week at that same rec center prior to baby. I keep swearing I'll get back to 3x a week at ANY gym. Except my life is full of time suckage! My sister, the former body builder, says if the president has time to work out, so do I. I should be inspired--or guilted?--by that, but it just makes my incredibly fit sister even more annoying. :)


Where are yooooooouuuu?

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